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In the recent period, the demand for connectors in multiple industrial applications, including automotive electronics, LED lighting, and industrial control, has shown a trend of rapid growth. This is due to the ongoing industrial restructuring in the Chinese market and the transformation of the entire industry to high-end manufacturing; on the other hand, new energy, automobiles, robots, industrial automation and other industries have been booming in China, and the connector market is able to gain Ample room for growth is closely related to these factors.

Take the LED lighting market as an example. Previously, designers were more concerned with LED chips, drivers, heat dissipation and optics, while the connecting parts have been ignored or ignored for various reasons. Manual welding or unreliable connections in the industry's production process lead to production. The efficiency is not high, the product quality is unstable, mass production is greatly affected, and even the service life of the product is affected. But now, the LED lighting industry has changed due to increased output, lower prices, various on-site installation environments, and convenience.

This has prompted manufacturers to make corresponding adjustments to the application requirements of the connector.

TE's surface-mount solid-state lighting connector makes manual soldering of LED modules a history. The outdoor waterproof connector developed by TE is moving towards safety certification, durable and waterproof, and suitable for outdoor development. In addition, TE's easy-to-plug without soldering The type base also enables the mass application of integrated LED multi-chip COBs of global brands such as CREE, Sharp, and Citizen. While improving production efficiency, it greatly improves product reliability, interchangeability and service life.

With the enlargement of the market usage of lamps and lanterns at this stage, since in the past, the power connections inside the lamps were mostly manual welding, it was prone to quality problems such as false welding and was not conducive to mass production. How to improve connection reliability and reduce man-hours has become A subject. For this reason, JAE has developed a connector without insulators that only needs to be inserted into a single wire, which is the industry's smallest single wire cable specification 1PIN connector. The structure of the single wire plug-in connector greatly reduces the man-hours compared to soldering the cable on the substrate. The narrow design also saves space and enhances design freedom.

At the same time, automobiles and industrial control are hot markets currently being developed by connector manufacturers. For example, JAE development of in-vehicle camera connector, compact SRS airbag ECU with non-waterproof connector, new energy vehicles and EV charging pile connectors. TE launched the Dynamic signal and power connector series for the industrial automation field, the new product M8/M12 connector system developed for the mechanical industrial automation and control application market, and the ARISO non-contact interconnection system launched for emerging markets such as robots, etc. .

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