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Precautions for operation of SD card holder

Release time:2021-06-10

Notes for operation when using the SD card socket:

1. When soldering, water-soluble flux may cause corrosion of this product, please avoid trying it.

2. When soldering the terminals, if a load is applied to the terminals, there may be loosening, deformation and deterioration of electrical characteristics due to different conditions. Please pay attention during the trial.

3. Please solder twice after the first soldering part returns to normal temperature. Continuous heating may deform the peripheral part, loosen the terminals, fall off, and reduce electrical characteristics.

4. The welding conditions should be set according to the actual mass production conditions.

5. Avoid flow of flux to the product from around the printed circuit board.

6. This product is directly operated by humans, please do not use it for mechanical detection functions.

7. Please refer to the recommended size described in the product drawing for the hole position pattern of the printed circuit board.

8. Can not be cleaned.

9. For MINI products such as thin switches, please be careful not to apply external force during the assembly installation process.

10. When used under low voltage conditions (below DC1V), there may be poor contact. Please confirm separately when used for this condition.

11. Products with mounting screws should be carried out within the specified tightening force to avoid the possibility of thread damage.

12. This product is designed and manufactured on the premise of DC resistance and load. Please confirm separately when using other loads (inductive load, capacitive load).

13. During use and testing, if the load exceeds the specified load, the switch may be damaged. Please kept informed!

14. Please install the product on the specified installation surface, and make the installation reach a level state, if it does not reach the level state, it will cause malfunction.

15. If it is used in a dusty environment, dust will enter from the opening, causing contact failure or malfunction. Please consider it in advance when designing.

16. If it is used in an environment containing corrosive gas, it may cause poor contact and other phenomena. Please consider it in advance when designing.

17. Storage method 1 Please keep it in a place at normal temperature, normal humidity, not exposed to sunlight, and no corrosive gas. The limit is 6 months from delivery. Please use it as soon as possible. 2If quality defects are found within 15 days from receipt, please contact us in time. 3 please don't pile up too much

18. Application areas: 1. Audio-visual products: MP3, MP4, DVD. Audio; 2. Digital products: digital cameras, digital video cameras, etc.; 3. Remote control: remote control for vehicles, rolling doors, home security products; 4. Communication products: mobile phones, car phones, telephones, building equipment, PDAs, etc.; 5. Household appliances: TVs, microwave ovens, rice cookers, electric fans, electronic body scales, electronic fat scales, electronic kitchen scales, etc.; 6. Security products: Video intercoms, monitors, etc.; 7. Toys: electronic toys, etc.; 8. Computer products: cameras, voice recorders, etc.; 9. Fitness equipment: running machines, massage chairs, etc.; 10. Medical equipment: sphygmomanometers, thermometers, etc. Hospital call system, etc. 11. Others: currency detector pen, laser pen, etc.;

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